5 Most Popular Diets For Women and How They Work


In today's culture, mainly for women, we often find ourselves faced with the pressure to always be looking (and feeling) our very best in terms of how our bodies "look". We are consistently hearing about the latest and greatest “fad” diets that help you lose weight quick and keep it off!

U.S. News recently reviewed and rated over 29 diets to see which were not only easily assimilated into our lifestyles without having to take drastic or difficult measures regarding our daily diets, but also the ones that simply worked the best. Here, we will be reviewing the top 5 on that list, and discussing a little further in depth how they work.

So Let's Begin The Countdown… The Top 5 Diet List

Let's take a look at the most popular diets for women, starting the countdown in reverse order…

#5 – Weight Watchers

Starting with the number 5 diet, we have Weight Watchers. This smart and efficient diet is nutritionally safe, and is very easy to follow. In signing up for the diet plan you receive group support – this is very important as many women who begin diet plans do not end up sticking with them because of lack of support.

Your diet is filled with as many fruits and vegetables as you like, which in turn allows for some yummy treats for rewards! You can also eat what you want, which allows you to choose foods that you actually enjoy, but with an emphasis on portion-control which offers you better options in actually sticking with the plan.

#4 – The Mediterranean Diet

Sitting at number 4, we have the newer Mediterranean Diet. This diet also stresses the need to incorporate unlimited amounts of fruits and veggies into your diet, but also fills you by the way of olive oil and lots of fish.

The food diversity makes this diet greatly unique, and packed with protein, keeping you full and also helping you shed pounds.

#3 – Mayo Clinic Diet

low calorie grilled chicken salad for a healthy dietAt number 3, we find the heart healthy Mayo Clinic Diet. This diet accents making eating healthy a lifelong choice, not just another fad diet for overall health. This diet is great for preventing diabetes and also helping those already struggling with the disease, while targeting  long-term weight loss.

During the first two weeks, you learn which habits you already have in your diet that you should keep, and also those you should drop, by the third week you find that while no food is “off-limits” you need to pay attention to portion sizes and always choose healthier options.

#2 – The TLC Diet

Our number 2 diet is Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes or TLC diet. This diet was created by the National Institutes of Health, and similar to the Mayo Clinic diet, it also very heart-healthy.

While this is a very sound diet as far as research and nutrition, it really requires a DIY attitude as you must learn and train yourself to literally decode food labels. This diet can be complicated but the success rates are showing high numbers of women reaching their weight management goals.

With the TLC Diet, you set your calorie limit daily for weight loss or LDL cholesterol lowering levels, and abide by those levels by filling your plate with lots of fruits and vegetables, skin-off poultry, fish, whole grains, and non-fat dairy products.

You can choose your own menu options based upon these particular healthy options, however dietary guidelines and additional meal plans can be found on their website.

#1 – The DASH Diet

And finally, we come to our number 1 diet, the DASH diet. DASH was actually developed as a means for fighting high blood pressure, and not really as a weight loss diet at all.

This is a fairly complex diet, and more details can be found on the website, however basically the diet will allow you to set a daily caloric intake based upon your age and activity level, and providing you abide by that guideline and watch your salt intake, you will find yourself experiencing significant weight-loss, and also a healthier, lower caloric intake.

Finding Your Best Weight Loss Program

While we have listed the top 5 diet plans above, there are still a few considerations you should take into account before starting any diet:

  • Make sure you talk with your doctor or certified health practitioner before beginning any diet plan, as they can better recommend one for your current health condition or fitness level.
  • Find a good time to begin a diet plan. If you are faced with an increased level of stress or a difficult situation, you may find that your diet will in turn be a failure. Make sure that you are in a positive and focused state before starting any new diet. It's critical to success.
  • Be Optimistic. Once you have found a diet that meets your needs, stay positive! Weight loss takes time, and it is something that you will have to continue over the course of a long period of time to ensure that the weight stays off, and you stay healthy. Any diet that claims that you will lose a drastic amount of weight over a short period of time, is usually not a healthy option.

This is going to be a huge lifestyle change for you, but remaining positive and focused will help you on your path to weight loss success.

Most Importantly, Choose a Diet That Works For You

food groups for a healthy balanced dietMake sure that the diet plan that you choose is one that you are going to enjoy. Diets do not have to be an intimidating course that you dread. Think of your new diet as something that is not only going to help you look better, but is also going to help you feel better about yourself.

Ensure that you also incorporate daily exercise into your lifestyle as well. Not only will it balance your diet in terms of helping you lose excess weight, but it is a great way to energize yourself and help keep stress and food cravings at bay.

Finally, as previously stated, stay positive! Keep telling yourself that you can and will do this, for the betterment of yourself, and a longer life filled with health, and happiness!