7 Clever Tricks Celebrities Use to Lose the Baby Weight


Desperate to shed your pesky post-pregnancy weight?  There’s no instant or easy way to return to your former sexy figure. If you want to drop weight the healthy way, you need to invest time, discipline, and complete dedication to succeed.

Here are 7 celebrity tricks for losing the post-baby weight.

Trick 1: Breastfeeding

christina Aguilera before and after losing baby weightIt’s not only great for your baby, but it’s also great for you. It’s widely believed that breastfeeding can burn around 500 calories! Amazing, huh?

Imagine. Christina Aguilera lost a whopping 40lbs after giving birth to her son, Max, by finding time to breastfeed despite her busy schedule. Even Beyonce advocates this method after trying it out herself for 10 weeks.

This is not pure hype. Some studies show that women who breastfeed even for just 6 months could benefit from the calorie-burning power of breastfeeding. Of course, the amount of weight lost will still depend on the frequency and duration.

Trick 2: Corsets (Yes, I said Corsets)

Actually, this is not a new concept. In fact, it also goes by other names, such as girdle, belly wrap, and abdominal binder. It was originally used to provide abdominal support for people suffering from back pain. But apparently, celebrity hot mama Jessica Alba used not one, but two corsets to slim down!

A corset’s (and other types) fat-burning ability is still unclear, though. But some experts suggest that it could be because it is able to effectively compress the abdomen, thus forcing the uterus to return to its normal, pre-pregnant state.

Trick 3: Structured Diet Plan

This is probably the hardest part of the battle. So, if you can’t trust yourself to stick to it, why not hire specialists to do the planning and reminding for you. That’s what most celebs do. They enroll themselves to sophisticated weight loss programs, like Weight Watchers, or special food delivery services.

Jennifer Garner, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Heidi Klum tried the HPLC (high protein, low calorie) diet after giving birth. Why it works? It works because foods that are packed with protein can make you feel fuller while consuming fewer calories.

If under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional, studies say that this type of diet is actually safe and effective. Some healthy food sources of protein are lean meat, skinless chicken, soy, eggs, and fish.

Trick 4: Having a Cheat Day

It’s absolutely OK to take a break at least once a week from all the workouts and dieting you’re doing. Even Gwen Stefani had a cheat day every week.

It’s one way to silence your “crave monsters” and prevent feeling deprived. In that way, you’ll be more motivated to stick with whatever diet and exercise regimen you’re currently into. Besides, sneaking a bite of chocolate cake at least once in a while will not sabotage your chances of slimming down.

Trick 5: Ditch the Gym

As the old adage say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Penelope Cruz, who hates going to the gym (sounds oddly familiar?) shed her extra baby weight by doing what interested her—ballet. Aside from her regular workout routine, Mel B (or Scary Spice) did dancing in the show Dancing with the Stars.

What are your favorite calorie-burning activities? Start with that.

Trick 6: Yoga

kate middleton doing yoga while pregnant

Miranda Kerr, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are just some of the celeb moms that used yoga in their fitness plan.

True, it’s not that strenuous like your regular cardio workout, but celebrities swear by it.

For instance, doing sun salutations, which is composed of 12 yoga poses, for half an hour can burn approximately 230 cal.

But the real secret behind the effectiveness of yoga is that it helps practitioners counter negative vibes and self-sabotaging beliefs about food.

If you are stressed out or carry around negative thoughts on a daily basis, it will be difficult to stay focused long enough to create new healthy routines.

Trick 7: Tracking Progress without Using a Weighing Scale

Using a weighing scale to see how much you’ve lost can be deceiving. You see, it doesn’t really measure muscles and how fit you really are. Take body builders as classic examples. They tip the scales, but they’re not necessarily fat or unhealthy—it’s their muscle mass that contributes to their weight.

What to do?

Heidi Klum kept herself motivated by taking pictures of her body—nude, of course. Keeping your clothes on is a good idea, too, if you’re not comfortable going nude. The curvy Mariah Carey, on the other hand, tracked her weight loss progress by wearing some of her old clothes.

Well, I hope you find those tricks helpful. Before I end this article, here’s a final thought from me: Chill. Don’t pressure yourself too much. Because, ideally, dieting and exercising shouldn’t be on your priority list post-pregnancy, at least for now.