8 Sneaky Metabolism-Boosting Tricks You Never Knew


As we age, our metabolism naturally begins to slow down. However, there are some key metabolism boosting tricks we can use to increase our overall burn rate throughout the day.

1. Eat More Frequently

This tip is one of the most well-known metabolic boosters, eating more often will increase the rate at which a body turns calories into energy. Eating up to six meals per day will help the body maintain proper insulin levels and stay out of shock which allows it to naturally burn more fat since it is not stressed out from starvation. Not only is there scientific necessity behind grazing on healthy snacks and small meals throughout the day but the constant eating deters a person from binging on unhealthy foods because they remain satiated from morning until night.

2. Kick The Coffee And Switch To Green Tea

metabolism-boosting green tea cups

Although coffee has been said to boost metabolism for a short period of time the side effects of a cup are not worth the small amount of benefits. A cup of joe comes with anxiety and sped up heart rates, both of which can be uncomfortable and have a negative effect on one’s day. Making the switch to green tea in the morning or afternoon provides drastic benefits of feeling invigorated for a longer period of time than coffee’s buzz while raising metabolic rates.

Catechins are a group of antioxidants that are bountiful in green tea due to the lack of fermenting and processing, these antioxidants not only aid in weight loss but can help prevent cancer and decrease risk of cardiovascular disease. Catechins work to inhibit the production of an inflammatory substance that causes hunger and breaks down fats. Drinking three glasses of green tea a day can drastically improve results in weight loss and the powerful antioxidant rich beverage will take about two days to work its magic.

3. Break The Workout Routine

Cardio is a go to exercise for anyone looking to burn calories however studies have shown countless benefits of mixing it up . These studies state that doing an interval workout, varying intensity and speed during a shorter run, strengthens the heart, promotes a healthier build and improves aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Along with interval workouts it is smart to add weight training into a workout routine as building healthy, lean muscle will decrease the amount of glucose in the blood stream helping to prevent diabetes and create better blood sugar control. Sticking to one or two types of exercise can decrease metabolism because the body will become used to the workouts it is provided, switching up the routine with intervals and weight training (whether it is lifting weights or doing Pilates) will increase the metabolic rate while generating new and exciting results in physique.

4. Go To Sleep!

sleeping woman with clock

This is a big one that is always overlooked…

While the body is in a state of rest it is working hard to balance organs and repair itself. There are countless benefits to a good night’s rest such as healthier skin, a brighter mood and a faster metabolism. Once a body has restored equilibrium in sleep state it will burn 60% to 75% of daily caloric intake, if the amount of sleep is too short one’s system will not have time to reach this point in reparation.

Starving yourself of sleep will only stop the natural process of burning the day’s calories and lead to imbalanced hormone levels. For complete rejuvenation and results in fat loss get seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

That’s right, you need a minimum of seven hours of sleep. Don’t fool yourself – six hours is not enough.

Now hit the snooze button and get off the Internet 😉

5. Never Skip Breakfast

After rolling out of bed the last thing that is usually on a person’s mind is stuffing their face with a heavy breakfast, but it is colloquially the most important meal of the day. After a long night of rest, you should eat once you wake up or your body will think that it is in a state of starvation and store all fats and sugars to prepare for what it considers a period without sustenance.

Skipping breakfast or depriving the body of any meal will inevitably lead to more weight gain. In relation to this point it is wise to reduce calorie intake only 100 calories at a time when dieting to ensure that the body does not work against a diet plan by storing away fats and sugars.

6. Find The Foods That Work

There are lots of foods proven to help speed up metabolisms, finding these foods and rotating them through a diet can help to promote health and fat burning.

  • Omega-3’s found in fish such as tuna and salmon will balance blood sugar in turn regulating metabolic rates.
  • Peppers that are rich in capsaicin can add an 8% increase to metabolic rates, much like eating ginger and black pepper, and can help to reduce the desire to eat.
  • Watermelon contains amino acid arginine which has been proven to help build lean muscle while enhancing glucose and fat oxidation.
  • Being deficient in calcium has shown to decrease the ability to lose weight, especially in women. Make sure to get the proper amount of dairy daily, which means do not worry about a little scoop of ice cream after dinner, getting this calcium through dairy can stifle fat absorption in other foods.

7. Don’t Slip Into a Diet Routine

Just as it is important to maintain a workout regimen that is both new and exciting to the mind and body, it is imperative to eat new healthy foods and try new diets to increase metabolic rates. The key is to learn which foods are good for the metabolism and ensure that food intake is providing all necessary vitamins and nutrients, while making sure not to eat the same thing daily.

Keeping a food journal can help keep track of caloric intake and nutrients while informing a dieter exactly how they are approaching food. Keep diets new and exciting, as falling in to a rut can increase the risk of binging. Try eating seasonal fruits and vegetables or only eating locally grown produce, getting back to these seemingly archaic tendencies can promote more vitality in a daily diet even if it lacks delicious trans fats.

8. Drink Cold Water

Drinking water has so many benefits, like producing a better running system while creating gorgeous skin and hair. There is a common rule that one should intake eight to ten cups of water a day but it is advisable to drink a glass every hour. Water can help to flush fat from the system and hydrate for a hard workout, and now there are benefits shown to drinking it cold.

German scientists have discovered that drinking six cold glasses of water a day can help a person shed up to five pounds a year. The science of this anomaly is that the body uses calories to warm the water up to body temperature, in turn speeding up the metabolism. Although calories burned in this action are minimal this quick tip along with the other seven mentioned above will turn the body into a quick calorie burning machine.