Ladies, Get the Perfect Butt Without Going to the Gym


Follow these steps to get the perfect butt without going to the gym.Now that the summer is over, swimsuit season is officially done with. It’s time for apple pie and pumpkin spice lattes. But just because you don’t need to squeeze yourself into an itty bitty bikini, doesn’t mean you should let your body go, especially not your butt. It’s time to put those skinny jeans on one leg at a time and nothing goes better with a pair of skinny jeans, than a nice butt. The best thing is… you can get a great butt without stepping foot in a gym.          

Sumo Lunges

There are a ton of stretching and strengthening exercises you can do. You can start out with some sumo lunges. What you are going to do is stand shoulder width apart. Then lift your right leg from the knee, and move it in a clockwise motion. Finish off by landing your leg out to the side, wider than you started. Then quickly squat down like a sumo wrestler. As you come out of the squat, kick out your right leg. Repeat this with your left leg.

Sideways Step

If the sumo lung isn’t for you, you can try the sideways step. You start in the standing position with your legs slightly spread. Then bend your knees and slowly lean forward into a crouching position. While still crouching take a quick step to the side with your left foot. Quickly take your right foot to meet with your left foot. Then repeat.


If either move is too complex for you, you can do a simple squat to help tone up that butt. All you do is start with your feet shoulder width apart, toes out and hands on your hips. Squat until your thighs run parallel to the floor. For an added burn, when your thighs are parallel with the floor, lift your heels so you are standing on your tippy toes.

Workout Videos

The Brazilian butt workout is also all the rage now. Fitness Magazine has a great workout routine for it that you can find here ( Every exercise in the circuit is clearly explained and there are great pictures that really show you how you should be. YouTube is also filled with great videos to check out.

Go For a Run

If you prefer running, to lunges and squats, you are in luck. Running is great for toning your butt. It’s a strength training workout for your whole lower body. Just a short while after starting to run, you will see a toner behind. The best part about running is that it tones up your butt without bulking it up.

Try Yoga

There are even yoga poses to help you get a great butt. Basic moves like warrior 1, warrior 2, and the chair pose tone your butt. More complex moves like the upward facing plank give you a little more of a burn. To do the upward facing plank, you start from a seated position, place your legs in front of you and put your feet and legs together. Your fingers should be facing your body and then you lift yourself up. You press into your palms, lift your hips and drop the crown of your head into its natural resting position. Hold the pose for about 30 seconds.


On top of all that, swimming is also a great exercise for toning up your bum. Just treading water will make that flab a little less, well flabby. Treading water also happens to be something mostly everyone can do. The one mistake most people make when treading water is not doing it in the deep end. Swimming as a whole is awesome exercise. It’s a low impact exercise that’s great for your whole body and not just your butt.

And as always eating right will also help reach your fitness goal faster. So cutting back on the cookies or those late night dinner runs will also help you keep your behind small. In the end, no matter if you run, swim, do yoga, or really aren’t a huge fan of exercise, there really is no reason for you to join a gym to get that perfect butt you want. All it takes is a little open space and the motivation to do one of these options regularly.