Little Tricks to Avoid Pigging Out During The Holidays


Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s a time of family togetherness, festivities and food. Oh, the food! Whether it’s grandmas famous pumpkin pie or moms delicious turkey with all the trimmings, one thing is for certain and that something is called calories.

We all dread the word, but unfortunately all your favourite holiday foods are loaded with it.

But don’t worry, I am not going to tell you to avoid all these scrumptious dishes completely, I am just going to provide you with some handy tips to avoid over-doing it so you are not two dress sizes up by the end of the holidays!

Drink Up – Maybe a Little Wine, But Mostly Water

holiday dinner prepared on the table

No, I don’t mean wine, although some wine drinking is allowed. I am referring to water, your saviour during the holidays. You should aim for at least 2L of water a day to flush out toxins, keep you well hydrated and to keep your body functioning properly. However, if you drink 3L of water a day you will be doing a natural detox and start to lose centimeters.

It may be hard to drink 3L of water a day when you are drinking wine etc. so try this handy tip: For every glass of wine, drink one glass of water alongside it, also great for preventing a nasty hangover, and for every bad thing you eat drink a glass of water after, pumpkin pie eaters I am talking to you!

Even though you probably won’t lose weight, your weight should stay the same.

Go Nuts for Nuts – Healthy Alternative to the Holiday Candy Dish

Nuts are a great, healthy snack that fill you quickly and can prevent over-eating. Steer clear of salted or roasted nuts and opt for the natural, unsalted variety. Almonds are especially beneficial for heart health. If you have a big dinner planned, have a small handful of nuts before going out. You will eat less and be grateful for it the next day!

Stop Eating When You Feel Full – Savor the Flavor

There is a reason French people are so slim. They eat slowly, savoring their food and stop eating when they feel full, even if there is still food on their plate. Most of just keep on eating, because the food tastes good or because there is still food on our plates but this leads to excess weight-gain and that uncomfortable bloated feeling. When you are full put your fork down!

Enjoy that One Big Meal by Keeping Other Meals Simple

If you are having a big dinner then keep your lunch and breakfast simple and drink lots of water. Stay away from carbs and opt instead for fruit, veggies and natural grains. By limiting your calories during the day, you can indulge a bit at dinner without feeling guilty.

Wait 20 Minutes Before Reaching for Seconds

caution holiday eating signMost of us eat till we feel full, but it takes the body up to 20 minutes for the real fullness to kick in.

Even if you feel that you can have a second helping, give your body a few minutes to decide.

Have another drink, sit back, relax and you might feel that after 20 minutes you don’t need that second helping after all.

Squeeze in Some Exercise – But Not at The Dinner Table Please

You might not feel like exercising during the holidays and by all means no one expects you to squeeze in your regular cardio workouts, but try not to stop altogether. If you still do some kind of exercise routine every day, say as you wake up in the morning, then you will keep your metabolism up allowing your body to burn more of those calories you can’t avoid and you will feel healthier.

When the holiday is over and you go back to your regular exercise routine, you will also find it easier to ease back into if you have been keeping up some form of mild exercise. Just ten minutes of cardio day, which is anything that gets your heart rate up will be beneficial to you. Cutting your regular routine in half might also work for you. So grab the dog and a leash, your nieces or nephews and get active!

The best tip of all is to enjoy yourself! Don’t put so much emphasis on cutting calories that you don’t have a good time. As long as you follow these tips you are sure to not over-indulge and you should maintain your weight. Remember there’s time to head back to the gym and watch your calorie-intake and that’s after the holidays! Cheers!